Costa del Sol – Spain

September 12th, 2015
Costa del Sol – Spain

As a teenager when my hormones were just starting to take flagrant form I would watch Miss Universe and always cast my vote on Miss Spain. There’s just something about the language, the accent, the olive skin, the perfectly curved bodies and mannerism of Spanish women that I can’t get enough of. It was just a matter of time before I was old enough to jet set my way to the Mediterranean to see these beauties in the flesh.

I’m not talking about a few mint honeys here and there I’m talking about the whole damn Coast line from north to south being full of them just walking around like nobody’s business. How are the guys that live there able to lead normal lives? Imagine it being like having a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche in the garage…which one would you drive first?

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol – Spain is a definite magnet for mintness from all over Europe. It is mostly a playground for citizens from all over Spain. The best time to travel there during the year is June, July and maybe the first week of August. After that, all you’re gonna get is warm sunshine but less chica.

At Flagrant we believe in things such as mass volume, power in numbers and over indulgence when it comes to women so stick to the months of June and July to be safe.

Base Camp
You should setup camp in the city of Torremolinos, which is the center of all the action when it comes to beach activity and nightlife.
At $100 USD per night the hotel Melia Costa del Sol would be our suggestion but remember this ain’t Cuba. There’s no such thing as all-inclusive Hotels in Spain. It’s easy to get confused though… I mean with the language, music, sunshine and tropical atmosphere and all…did I mention the Chicas already? This is Europe so be prepared to spend some money if you want to have a good time.

Still not as expensive as Holland, Germany or the United States for that matter…but just bring enough reserve so you don’t feel like an ass.
Cover charges at the major clubs are anywhere from $8 – $15 USD. A nice dinner for two will run you about $45 USD with taxi fair if needed being about three quarters the cost of that in New York City. A ticket for the bullfight will run you about $30 US (how do you think they pay for the disposal of all those dead bulls? Never mind the breeding of new ones). As for souvenirs…well, who the hell wants to shop for souvenirs anyway?…Alright, Alright…they’re pretty cheap so you can stock up and give them to all the poor souls you left behind in your motherland.

To really enjoy yourself in Costa del Sol you have to plan on staying for at least ten days. This way you get amble beach time, days of just doing nothing and exploring days. Just Remember, this is a whole coastline we’re talking about here so there’s lots to see. If you’re traveling from North America do yourself a favor and make good use of airfare you just paid a whole load of cash for.

The Nightlife
Club Piper, which is a 10-minute walk from most of the hotels along the strip, was our club of choice while in Torremolinos. Being around since 1967, Piper attracts all the babes. When we were there they had the annual Miss Titas competition (take a stab at what “Tit-as” translates to in English). The locals do not often speak English so be patient and come up with creative hand gestures. Don’t worry, you’ll get by.

Once you’ve settled in Torremolinos and have gotten a taste of what the beach and nightlife has to offer it’s now time to venture on the public transit system or by taxi to visit the surrounding towns.
We strongly recommend taking public transit because even on the subway platforms there’s just way too much sexiness going on. Head north to Malaga.

Malaga is the birthplace of bull fighting with an old arena for bull fighting right in the center of town…proper terminology for the “arena” is BULL RING. Never, I repeat never call it an arena especially to the locals because it’s considered an insult. Trust me, I learned the hard way. The two areas to check out in Malaga at night are ZONA LA MALAGUETA and ZONA PEDRAGALEJO which is the most modern parts of town with many Flagrant approved hot spots.

costa del sol spain


The first stop South of Torremolinos is Fuengirola. Fuengirola is probably most famous for its five miles of sandy beaches, flanked by high-rise hotels and residential blocks of apartments with wicked views of the Mediterranean and awesome coastline.



Fuengirola is popular with the Spanish people, many of whom own summer apartments here. Visit here on a Tuesday and you will find yourself at the largest and liveliest street market on the coast. Pray for the night to come quickly so you can check out one of three clubs that have the Flagrant stamp of approval. Or you can check them all out if you’re really feeling dangerous. Millenium – has an awesome outdoor bar which is a cool get away if you want to escape the dark club atmosphere that this venue has. They spin UK house as the music of choice. For Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, and house check out Funk Club Funk.

A little further south is the beautiful City of Marbella. Take a Taxi there from Fuengirola so you don’t look like a knob getting off the public transit. This is where the rich come to play. Million dollar yachts and cars that cost more than the average persons home are in no way rare to this location. This is the place that we at Flagrant consider to be the Beverly Hills of Europe.
As for the chica? Well, if you don’t have a 7 digit net worth then you will just be a play toy for these women…oh ya we forgot that’s what you’re there for. Flagrantapproved hot nightspots to find these women that will use and abuse you like the ‘ho that you are include La Noite, Olivia Valere and Rock Club.

It’s fall now…call your travel agent no later than the end of this month to get the best deals for airfare for June and July.

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