Dressing Confidently

September 7th, 2015
Dressing Confidently

So, you finally got up the nerve to ask out that bombshell that serves you a double tall latte each morning at your local coffee shop.

Now, what to wear.
Well, before she forms an opinion about your personality, charm, and wit, it’s important to know that she’ll initially be influenced by your grooming and dress.

That’s why my friends it’s important to choose garments that fit–and “fitting” is one of the biggest dressing mistakes made by both men and women. It doesn’t matter that you blew last weeks paycheck on a new wardrobe–if your clothes are too snug or too loose, you’ll set yourself back in the game.

Think about the first impression you create by wearing clothes that do not fit. If the outfit is too large, then you look sloppy. Sloppy dress gives the impression that you are lazy and inattentive to details.

Oversized clothes may also cause her to question your judgment or raise the suspicion that you, whether physically or emotionally, have something to hide.

If too small, then flaunting your pecs may seem more important than being noticed for what you have to offer her–or you might be in denial about your growing love handles. Neither impression conveys the polished and smooth style you want.

Dressing Confidently

The key to dressing confidently is to look your best.
The following tips will help you avoid garments that sag, bag, cling, or pinch:

1) Garments should have at least one-half to one inch of room between skin and fabric.
2) When buying shirts and tops, be sure the shoulder seams hit you at the end of the shoulder bone.
3) Sleeve length should fall about an inch below the wrist.
4) Pants should hit the top of the shoe, causing a slight break in the trouser.
5) Avoid clingy fabrics.
6) If you haven’t hit the gym in a while, then avoid wearing horizontal stripes or busy patterns (floral prints, polka dots, and checks).
7) If you are “vertically Challenged”, keep in mind that monochromatic colors elongate the body, creating the illusion of increased height.
8) When shopping, bring one of your boys along as a second pair of eyes to assess your clothing picks and keep you on track.
9) Clothes purchased at a department store can usually be tailored in-house for an additional fee.

Personal style is our visual calling card to the world. Remember: A first impression is often a lasting impression.
Stay flagrant!


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