Ibiza: The Legendary Drug Induced Pleasure Island

September 9th, 2015
Ibiza: The Legendary Drug Induced Pleasure Island

What’s a trip to Ibiza: the legendary drug induced pleasure island, without partying all night and getting nearly drowned in form while making out with half-naked hotties? Well, nothing.

Our backbacking adventure details the high and lows of this legendary drug induced pleasure island. The Ferry
From the ancient city of Valencia, Spain, I took the 3-hour high speed ferry (which was something like $50 USD). The cheapest way to get to the ferry is to take the city bus from the train station which is a bit of shlep. Anyhow, on board the ferry I met a bunch of Americans, Australians, and Kiwis who were all just as curious as I was to see what all the fuss was about. We were all hanging out in the front bar area of the ferry which is something I recommend for meeting people.

First, book a hotel in advance. Arriving on a Thursday, we found that all the hotels were booked. It took about an hour of door to door searching in the hot sun and with my backpack on, but I found what I honestly believe was the LAST HOTEL ROOM on the island. Actually they had TWO tiny rooms available and I took one immediately. It was a very decent hotel in a very good location and as a bonus it had a pool (complete with a bunch of hot topless women from London) and included breakfast.We quickly prayed to God for our good fortune, and hit the pool.

Conventional wisdom would have it that when a stranger comes up to you on the street offering to sell you tickets to a club at a discounted rate, you’d most likely tell them to f-off or at the very least to “lick my gonads”.
Well, in Ibiza the opposite is true! Ticket prices for clubs are frequently $30-50 (USD) but there are many people who promote various clubs by simply walking around and selling tickets for a lot less than the price at the door, and their tickets may even include a drink.
We recommend buying from these people. You can also walk into many bars in Ibiza Town and ask to buy tickets to various clubs and they will likely sell you these discounted specials.
There’s a party bus that is cheap and picks you up at specific locations around the Island. There tends to be long lines for it so if you intend on hopping on the party bus, better get there early.

The Ibiza club scene is legendary. When you have a thousand people partying it up all night and all day–literally , it’s gonna be off the hook!

Which bring up the foam parties.
What’s a trip to Ibiza, without getting nearly drowned in form and making out with 2 half naked chicks on the dance floor? The foam party at Amnesia was worth the trip. The club, is your standard club – nothing too exciting until 6am. That’s when the foam starts pouring. Once the foam starts, it really comes down.

In fact, it came down so fast and thick that it quickly covered my head and I’m 5-11! The foam keeps pouring down until water washes it away a few minutes later. Then the foam starts to pour again and the cycle continues for about an hour. The beauty of the foam is that has major effect on the women in this place.
When it starts to pour and they got wet, they stripped down to their bikinis or bra and underwear and went nuts dancing, making out with guys they just met and just overall craziness. It was an interesting event to experience, even if the foam tasted like crap, stung my eyes and made it difficult to breathe.

On your way in there’s a coat check where you could leave your dry clothes because make no mistake about it – you will be completely soaked by the foam.

There are a few main clubs that you must check out: Amnesia, Privilege, Pacha, and Space. Note that each club has its own specialty.
Privilege is home of the famous Manumission Mondays.
Space is the club to go when other clubs close at 8am. That’s right! Space opens at eight in the morning and it’s packed!

The Beaches
The shoreline of Ibiza is actually one giant beach! The beaches are divided into dozens of sections with their own flavors. Some have partial or full nudity, some have restaurants, bars and washrooms, and some you can’t get to without your own transportation.
The tourist office in Ibiza Town has a map and info of all the beaches around the island.

You’ll wanna hit Salinas – one of the most popular beaches. It starts with luxurious beach bars and at the end you will find Bar Sa Trinxa, one of the hippest places on Earth.
The honeys are in awesome shape and the main beaches were packed with women who were topless and wearing thongs. Awesome!!
Most of the guys were in decent shape or better, so if you’re the self conscious type, you better hit the gym before you hit the beaches of Ibiza.

In summary, here’s what we at Flagrant recommend:
1 – Go with a bunch of party people. Sure, you can have a great time if you go alone but you’re going to have a much better time if you’re with someone you know. Besides, with all the hotties around, you’re gonna need at least 2-3 wingmen.
2 – Book accommodations in advance, especially for weekends.
3- If you want to explore the island, rent some scooters — which are very cheap. If you’ve been drinking better take a taxi cause the cops in Ibiza have zero tolerance for drinking/drugging and driving.
4- Get ready to be blown away by massive amounts of hotties and some flagrant partying.

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