St. Tropez – where the chic jet setters go to play

November 25th, 2015
St. Tropez – where the chic jet setters go to play

Million dollar yachts, $1200 a bottle champagne, partying till sunrise and more beautiful, friendly people per square inch than you’ll find anywhere. Yup, we’re taking about St. Tropez – where the chic jet setters go to play.

Popularized by P. Diddy in the song I need a girl – part 2 , this little place on the French Riviera has a big reputation for being the party playground for jetset Parisians and international playboys.

Getting there:
Getting there is pretty straight forward. You fly into Nice which is about 80km up the Riviera from St. Tropez. From there you, can drive to St. Tropez. If you really have money to burn, you can take a helicopter for the short ride.

For about 130 Euros, you’ll feel like a Rockstar when the helicopter whisk you away.
St. Tropez has perfect weather any time of the year and if you want to avoid the hordes of tourist, better not book your trip between July and August.

Getting your digs:
The hotel Byblos is THE place to stay when you’re in St. Tropez. Be warned, if high prices give you a nose bleed, then you better get the toilet paper ready, ’cause staying here will cost anywhere from $600 US to more than $3,000 dollars, per night.
If you want a great place to stay without maxing out the platinum card even before you’ve hit the clubs, then we recommend Hotel Lou Cagnard
For about $120 per night, you’ll be living large in St. Tropez.

The nightlife
Half the reason to come to Saint-Tropez is for its nightlife. And the other half, is for the beautiful girls. Thing don’t really start jumping till late at night. At around 11pm, all the beautiful people start venturing out for the evening.
If you’ve got anything against half naked, smoking hot babes grinding you on the dance floor, then you better stay home ’cause St. Tropez is not for you…still reading… thought so.
The clubs, as you would expect, are filled with people just having a great time and honies drinking their trust fund money away . Heck, if you didn’t have to worry about making this month’s rent, you’d be drinking and clubbing till dawn too.

Cool atmosphere and great decor.

Les Caves du Roy
Integrated in the Hôtel BYBLOS, this club is famous for its list of celebrities visitors. Guests from Mick Jaggar to Bono to George Clooney, have all partied here.
The club is free for hotel guests, but we hear that getting my the bouncer/doorman is a whole other story.
Our advice is to show up with a couple of hot models on your arm and get ready to slip the doorman a franklin.

The beach
With over 40 beaches on the peninsula, you can’t go wrong. However most of them are away from town and you’ll need a ride to get out there. If you’re without transport, you can head West of the town, beaches there are within reasonable walking distance. For star gazing, Place des Lices is where you’ll find movie stars and local celebrities sipping Cristal.

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