Survival of the sexiest

September 12th, 2015
Survival of the sexiest
By Night

How many times have you seen a really hot girl– I mean a really smoking girl with some guy that looks like Quasimodo’s twin brother?

Let’s face it, the first thing that goes through your mind is : what in god’s name does she see in him.
Well, some really smart people. You know, the kind of guys with Ph.D. after their names have been studying the whole science of love. Here’s what they’ve discovered.

The one night stand

The first thing that became clear from their research was that both men and women look for one thing in a one night stand and something else in a long term partner. In a one night stand, as you probably guessed, both sexes went for good looks. So unless you’re Brad Pitt, Taye Diggs or some other Hollywood hunk, you’re going to have to work hard on your style and looks to get the girl if all you want is a one night stand.

What women want

When the research focused on long term relationships, what women and men wanted were very different.
Women choose a good income as a priority, and men stayed with the looks. What was really interesting was why the sexes made these choices.

Do women only want a rich guy? Well, not really. There is what researchers call the money zone.
Poor men were very unattractive to women– translation – get a J-O-B.
They found that middle class income was attractive, but beyond that, making more and more money really didn’t make any difference. So as soon as a woman is satisfied that a man has enough money, she’ll start looking at what else he has. Such as looks, charm, intelligence – particularly for marriage partners and also for sexual partners. So its not that the wealthier a guy is, the more attractive he is to women.

Psychologist Prof. David M. Buss for the University of Texas at Austin studied the attraction phenomena across cultures an concluded that people are basically looking for the same thing:

Women more than men desire things that are linked to resource acquisition and status. Traits like good income, ambitious, industrious and intelligent and a reliable provider were very attractive to women.
Men on the other hand, want women that are young and physically attractive because these are markers in a partner that are fertile and able to provide good offsprings. So for humans, just like animals, mating is about getting what is best for the offspring. (Who Knew?)

Survival of the sexiest

In the quest for Ms. right, evolution has ensured a fatal attraction between men and women. How can we buy better tickets in the love lottery? One of the things that we all pay attention to is the face. Here’s what the research shows:

1. Eyes were the number one thing that all people mentioned.
2. It turns out that there’s a strong relationship between beauty and symmetry in the face means symmetry in the body — its an unconscious marker that evolution has programmed into us. Guys with the most symmetrical face were also the most attractive to women.
3. The waist to hip ratio for example is another marker that all men around the world instantly respond to. In the scientific study of the human form, .8 is the magic number for the waist to hip ratio. This would suggest that the urge to loose weight is misguided on the part of women.
4. It turns out that the ability to make women laugh is because it takes intelligence and wit to come up a good sense of humor.

So, to recap
1) Appearance
2) Personality
3) and a good sense of humor

The science of seduction suggests that we are unconsciously picking up signals all the time from the opposite sex. You don’t have to have superstar looks to get the girl — us guys just have to work on a few key essentials and our attraction factor will go up.

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