The Art of Hooking up in Cancun

September 6th, 2015
The Art of Hooking up in Cancun

In Cancun, you’ll meet girls from all 50 states, Canada and probably just about any country in the world. They’ll be sipping cocktails all day long, spending their parents’ hard-earned cash, and doing God knows what when the sun goes down.
Here are some tips that will let you get in on some of the action of hooking up in Cancun.


Lesson #1

In order to “hook up” effectively in Cancun you need to go where chicks hang out. This sounds pretty obvious but a rookie mistake made by most guys is to drink all night and sleep all day. Daytime is prime time to meet people and hook up for later in the night. This past year, and most likely next year, spring break companies will have their welcome parties at Fat Tuesdays. By being at Fat Tuesdays for the welcome party, you will theoretically see a big portion of possible hook ups.
Heck, even if you don’t hook up, you will at least get to partake in free beer (12p.m. to 3p.m.), wet t-shirt contests and everything else that spring break is made of.

Lesson #2 – Leave the dead weight at home

Make sure the guys you go to cancun with are all interested in the same things, or this will mess up your trip. If you can’t get a good group to go, your trip will suck whether you are in Myrtle Beach or Cancun. b There’s nothing worse than wanting to party till dawn and having your candy-ass friend wanting to be home by midnight (don’t laugh, it happens). Not only is this a major killjoy, but you’ll have to wake his ass up when you bring a honey home…not smooth at all.

Lesson #3 – Dress nice

Surprisingly, what you wear isn’t that important, but to a drunk chick that can barely see your face, it might make all the difference in the world. On the Oasis beach, one piece of attire is key: Abercrombie swimtrunks. They are a must, you have to bring at least one pair. Also, buy some new clothes, trust us, it will be a worthwhile investment.
Tommy Trunks are still okay, but because of the early spring break lines by A&F, they have virtually dominated the market.

Lesson #4 – Try to get a room at the Oasis hotel

You aren’t going to spend that much time in your hotel so it really doesn’t matter where you stay but the Oasis is by far the best. Although we’ve heard that the Terramar, the Maria De Lourdes and even the Caribe International are also spring break worthy.
We like the Las Perlas because there’s NO PROBLEMS GETTING GIRLS INTO THE LAS PERLAS. It is worth looking into. Remember that most hotels won’t let you in without a hotel wristband…that goes for your hook up as well.
Since the Oasis is one of the largest and most popular hotels with spring breakers, you are most likely going to hookup with a girl for the Oasis anyways.
Besides, the Oasis has the best beach parties, contests and all sorts of spring break flagrancies.
Another tip is that you might want to look at a variety of spring break companies hotels and try to stay at a hotel that multiple companies offer. This will allow you to get the scoop on private parties that that different groups offer.

Lesson #5 – Get some game

This is important! If your game is already tight, you can skip this lesson. In Cancun, you will get no play, no sorid debauchry in your hotel room and no stories to tell your buddies unless you and your group create them. Translation: You have to make as many moves as you can.
When making the move on a honey, I personally recommend the three methods approach. First is the scope. Second is the diss. And third is the signal.

The Scope

When you get on the dance floor, you need to know by body language, personality, dancing style, and alcohol consumption if you are going to be able to realistically get any play. If your spot less than 25% of girls that you think you can hookup with, then you’ll probably have a difficult time hooking up. If this is the case, I recommend going somewhere else. In cancun, don’t be afraid to leave a club.
The extra $18 cover will pay for itself if you hook up. Once you have found some good targets, scope the competition as well.
Sometimes its best to talk to the competition (Sun Tzu, In the book the ancient art of war explains all this.) and get to know them.

Why would you want to make friends with the competition? The reason is simple, a true player will have your back if you are about to get you ass kicked, or the girl’s friends are trying to cock-block. I’m not saying talk to bunch of guys all night, but if you can say a few words, it might be to your advantage.
Once you approach the girl, make sure you make good eye-contact.
Dance with the girls that like you, are just having fun. NEVER get too serious at first. I said NEVER. This is a must!

The Diss

If you are not in there after 10 minutes (do not wait any longer), make sure you get her name, she gets yours and move on.
She will probably wonder why you left, and that might make her more interested. Or she might not have been interested and she’s glad you left, but at least you aren’ t wasting your time. TIME IS KEY.
Approach as many girls as possible and keep repeating the diss until you have no more prospects. Even if you are not cool, if a girls sees you with 1/4 of the girls in the club, there are some that will get jealous, those are the ones you want.

The Signal

When you see one of the girls again, signal her over to you. If she is interested she will come, if not, move on. Once she has come to you, you use her name in conversation. Keep using the signal approach on different girls until it doesn’t work any more.
If you haven’t hooked up by now, you aren’t going to. Go to another club, and hopefully some of the girls that night, you will see again, and get another shot.

If you still need to brush up on your “game”, check out there’s a lot of stuff there on approaching and closing a chick.

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