Zafrine kills Approach Anxiety dead

December 18th, 2015
Zafrine kills Approach Anxiety dead
By Night

Remember when you touched a hot stove or radiator and got burned – even though your mom told you not to? After all these years, you probably still recall the sensation and have a vivid memory of it. It turns out that fear is one of those emotions that gets embossed in our memories. Now, what if i told you that you could actually eradicate your fears – or at least overwrite them.

Well that’s what D-Cycloserine (DCS) does. Clinical trials have shown that taking DCS along with Clinical Behaviour Therapies eradicate some fears and anxiety.

Journal of American Medical Association
Biological Psychiatry

How It Works

DCS is thought to affect certain amygdala (a part of your brain that is associated with emotions like fear) receptors (i.e., NMDA receptors) that are associated with learning and memory. Researchers theorize that action at these receptors facilitates learning/fear extinction
Like any medication, DCS is complicated and it’s not its antibiotic properties that are at work but rather its effect on certain neurotransmitter receptors in the amygdala.

Taking DCS by itself will not work. Once you take the medication, it’s critical that you take action and DO the thing that’s causing you anxiety. That is, you must expose yourself to your Anxiety. After repeated sessions, you should notice a significant reduction in your fear or anxiety when you’re in the same situation.

My Experiment

I’ve always had daytime Approach Anxiety (AA). Especially in places like Starbucks, the gym or on the bus or subway. So for my DCS experiment, I took two 50mg capsules(100mg in total) before my daytime approaches.

I ran the experiment for 5 sessions. I counted each day as a session. I went out every day for 5 days in a row.

Day 1 – DCS 1 hour before approach
Day 2 – DCS 2 hour before approach
Day 3 – DCS 1 hour before approach
Day 4 – DCS 2 hour before approach
Day 5 – DCS 1 hour before approach

I approached in different place and under different circumstances. I varied the length of time between when i took DC and made my first approach to see if that made a difference.

The Result

Day 1 – mild AA
Day 2 – No AA
Day 3 – No AA
Day 4 – No AA
Day 5 – No AA

Admittedly this wasn’t a very scientific experiment. Maybe just KNOWING (the placebo effect) that i was on DCS was enough to kill my AA; but I have to say that my anxiety was greatly reduced while taking DCS.
I found that taking DCS 1 hour or 2 hour before exposure, makes no difference.
I thought about changing my dose from 100mg to just 50mg to see if that made a difference, but that would have total screwed up the experiment

Long term effects

After my 5 day experiment, I didn’t take DCS or do any approaches for two weeks since I wanted to see if the eradication was permanent.
I then did another 5 days of experimentation. Here are the results:

Day 1 – No AA
Day 2 – No AA
Day 3 – No AA
Day 4 – No AA
Day 5 – No AA

So the effect of DCS appear to be long lasting. Again, not very scientific but in clinical trials, they found that even after 3 months, subjects reported that their anxiety had not returned to the degree it was before taking DCS

I want some

  • Disclaimer: This is not medical or legal advise. Please speak to your doctor and check the laws in your country before importing compounds. As far as we know, Zafrine(D-Cycloserine) is not a controlled substance in most countries.

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